Stian Grytøyr

Hello, I am a web/tech guy living on Nøtterøy in Norway with my girlfriend Ingrid, our daughter Sofie and our dog Vito.

Below are some of my recent projects.

More stuff

Mark It (ALPHA)
Organize your thoughts, links and documents.
CLI and REPL for RethinkDB.
JSON Web Tokens auth for koa/node.js.

News & info

Nothing to report.


Locate sales in stores and shops nearby. There is also an iPhone app. I got fed up with paying full price for stuff that was on sale around the corner.


Photography Portfolio

I dabble in photography, mostly just for fun, though I have made a few sales.



A fresh take on issue tracking systems.


World Capitals

The frontpage has a list of all the world’s capitals, but that’s just a by-product of the real reason for that site: The World Capitals Quiz.